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Anti-Aging Institute

Medical Spa & Anti-Aging Specialist located in Lexington, KY

As a highly experienced physician, phlebologist, and anti-aging specialist, Dr. Fadi Bacha knows that optimal health is an ongoing process that requires active patient participation. At the Anti-Aging Institute in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Bacha and his expert team are dedicated to providing first-rate medical services to patients from communities throughout the greater Lexington area.

Medical Services Q & A

What kind of medical services are available?

Providing high-quality primary care services allows patients to take control of their health before any minor issues or lifestyle habits lead to the development of significant health concerns. The Anti-Aging Institute provides several medical services to meet the various health needs of its patients, including:

  • Disease prevention
  • Diabetes care
  • High blood pressure treatment
  • High cholesterol treatment
  • Weight loss programs
  • Weight loss supplements
  • Nutritional supplements

What does disease prevention entail?

Every year, millions of people die from preventable conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Preventive health care, a basic medical service designed to prevent illness and chronic disease, is important because the early detection and management of any potential risk factor is one of the best ways to prevent illness and maintain optimal health. Dr. Bachas uses a variety of methods to help his patients avoid chronic illness, including routine health screenings, comprehensive wellness physicals, and patient-specific screenings. These methods help you catch problems early and understand your own personal health risks. For example, being overweight or inactive can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease, two chronic conditions that are largely preventable. Having high cholesterol or high blood pressure can also increase your risk of chronic disease. Dr. Bacha and his team are passionate about helping patients successfully manage their conditions, avoid complications, and improve their overall health.

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy is a natural treatment that slows cellular degeneration, restores declining immunity, and helps protect the body against aging and disease. The Anti-Aging Institute offers several customized hormone treatment options, depending on your needs:

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy: Hormone replacement therapy is a state-of-the-art science that involves taking a supplement of the hormones that, because of age, your body no longer makes. It’s been shown to improve the quality of life as well as to prolong it. Unlike conventional hormone therapy, which relies on synthetic hormones that often cause unwanted side effects, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a custom-compounded, natural hormone treatment that’s designed to address a patient’s individual needs.  
  • Testosterone and growth hormone replacement: Men often experience hormonal imbalance as they age, resulting in age-related weight gain, decreased muscle mass, lower energy levels, and diminished libido. Taking testosterone can make an aging man leaner, improve his mood and energy levels, and naturally enhance his libido, while growth hormone treatments promote cell rejuvenation, bone strength, brain function, enzyme production, and the strength and integrity of hair, nails, and skin.



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