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Without a doubt, regular exercise is the single most important thing you can do for your health. Not only does it give you energy, boost your mood, and help you control your appetite, but it also goes a long way toward protecting you from many chronic illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes. At the Anti-Aging Institute in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Fadi Bacha and his first-rate team are passionate about helping patients change their lives through fitness.

Fitness Plan Q & A

Why is exercise so important?

Anyone who has ever had their regular exercise routine interrupted by a stretch of inactivity caused by a medical issue, a major life event, or general busyness can tell you just how beneficial exercise is. That’s because exercising every day can help you sleep better at night, keep you in a positive state of mind, and help you avoid unhealthy food cravings. Regular exercise can also help maintain healthy blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels. In the long-term, though, the importance of regular exercise is even greater: it reduces your risk of developing a number of severe chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, dementia, mental illness, and many types of cancer. For Dr. Bacha and his team of experts the mission is clear: fitness has the potential to help every patient discover their happiest, healthiest life.       

What does a personalized fitness plan include?

The team at the Anti-Aging Institute knows that their patients’ fitness success has many components, not the least of which includes education, excellent communication, compassion, motivation, rapport, and the buildup of self-esteem. A personalized fitness plan is developed with your individual needs and goals in mind. It starts with a comprehensive assessment to find out what your current fitness level is, and takes into account any medical conditions you have or may be at risk for. Working with a personal trainer is one of the most efficient, effective ways to lose fat, increase muscle tone and gain strength, overcome plateaus, and keep you engaged. Regular body fat assessments help you track your progress and motivate you to reach for the next level, while technique instruction and proper modifications can help you avoid injury along the way.  

What other kind of support is available?

In addition to fitness assessments and body composition assessments, the Anti-Aging Institute offers group fitness classes and nutrition coaching. All the group fitness classes (including yoga, Pilates, PiYo, Tabata high-intensity training, and Kettlebell training) are designed to accommodate all fitness levels, providing modifications to beginners whenever necessary. Nutrition coaching services help you to get a better understanding of how food affects your energy, mood, appearance, immune system, and athletic ability. Working with a certified nutritionist can help you reach your fitness goals more quickly and effectively than exercise alone.

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