What Causes Cellulite and How Can I Get Rid of It for Good?

Everyone has it, and everyone hates it. We’re talking about cellulite -- that dimpled skin on your belly, butt, or thighs. Science shows that about 90% of women and 10% of men struggle with cellulite. Most people start noticing it in their mid-20s or 30s, and it won’t go away on its own.

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re stuck with cellulite forever? Here at the Anti-Aging Institute, Dr. Bacha might have the answer to your cellulite troubles. He uses a

safe, minimally invasive treatment that can provide long-lasting results in as little as one treatment. Want to know more?

Great, but before you can decide if this might be the right treatment for you, let’s make sure you understand some basic facts about cellulite.   

What causes it?

Cellulite isn’t dangerous, but you probably don’t like the way it looks. It’s most common in women and can start to appear as early as adolescence. Researchers are still trying to figure out the exact cause of cellulite.

Here’s what we know about cellulite so far. Fibrous connective cords tie the skin to the muscles underneath. Fat is between the skin and muscles. As fat cells grow, they push up on the skin, but the long cords of connective tissue pull down toward the layer of muscle. This movement in the opposite direction causes the dimpled appearance of the skin you commonly call cellulite.

Is it cellulite forever?

There is no actual cure for cellulite. However, we now have a treatment that can lessen the its appearance. This treatment is the Cellulaze laser from CynoSure®, and it targets cellulite where it happens -- in that space between the skin and muscle.

How the CynoSure Cellulaze works

Cellulaze is a one-time laser treatment that inserts a tiny tube under the skin. This tube has a laser inside called SideLaze™ which delivers laser energy directly into the cellulite.

Once the laser is inserted into the fat cells, it gently heats the skin and starts to melt or liquefy the fat. Then the laser cuts through the fibrous bands that pull the skin down towards the muscle, creating the dimpling look of the skin. Once these bands are released, the skin’s surface has a smoother appearance.

The laser’s energy stimulates collagen production, which increases the skin's elasticity and provides a smooth, healthy look. The last step of the treatment is to press on the skin gently to release the liquefied fat. The procedure takes about 1-1½ hours to complete.

What can you do after the treatment?

You may notice some bruising and discomfort after the treatment. You’ll have a few small incisions and may see a small amount of fluid at these sites. Dr. Bacha may give you a compression garment to wear to help with swelling, discomfort, and the healing process.

After a day or two, you can return to your normal daily routine. But you shouldn’t engage in strenuous activities, such as exercise, for one or two weeks. Be sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle after the Cellulaze treatment to get the full benefits of the procedure.

If you’re struggling with areas of cellulite, the Cellulaze treatment may be for you. When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Bacha will look at your skin and talk to you about your options. To get started, call our office in Lexington, Kentucky, or click the “book online” box to schedule an appointment right now.

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