The Key to Fuller, Thicker Hair Is in Your Blood: Learn about PRP Therapy

Stop it already with the endless shampoos, conditioners, creams, and pills! The real solution for your thinning hair is already in your body — specifically in your blood. That’s right: A special component of your blood called platelets can spur hair regrowth to give you the luscious locks you’ve been yearning for. 

Take a moment to learn how hair restoration specialist Dr. Fadi Bacha at Anti-Aging Institute in Lexington, Kentucky makes this magic happen with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy

What is PRP therapy? 

An all-natural healing procedure, PRP therapy involves the use of a platelet-rich solution derived from your own blood. Your blood contains four main components: plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. 

Platelets — the smallest of the blood cells — contain high concentrations of a special type of protein called growth factors. These growth factors prompt your body to engage healing processes, including cellular repair and signaling between cells.

To make the PRP solution, Dr. Bacha draws your blood and puts it in a centrifuge, where it spins and separates into its different components. Dr. Bacha then removes the platelets and injects the PRP solution into the treatment site — in the case of thinning hair, your scalp. 

How does PRP therapy work for hair loss?

PRP therapy works for hair loss just like it works for the many other conditions its used for, such as sports injuries and surgical healing: It releases bioactive compounds into the treatment site and encourages repair. When injected into your scalp, PRP triggers hair growth and maintains that growth by increasing blood circulation to your hair follicles. 

In other words, PRP injections to your scalp heal damaged or dormant hair follicles that previously weren’t producing any hair. Research suggests that PRP therapy may be particularly effective for people who have only just begun losing their hair, versus people who have already lost a lot of hair. PRP therapy may also be effective for patients with androgenetic alopecia, hereditary thinning or baldness, and male-pattern baldness.

What to expect at a PRP therapy appointment

To get started with PRP therapy, you first need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bacha. During your appointment, Dr. Bacha will conduct a physical exam with an emphasis on your hair and scalp, as well as ask you about your health status and medical history. After your consultation, Dr. Bacha can tell you whether you’re a good candidate for PRP therapy. 

If you’re cleared for PRP, Dr. Bacha develops a treatment plan that best suits your needs and goals. When you come back for your first PRP session, you can expect the following: 

From there, it takes a few weeks to start noticing results. You may need to return for several PRP injections before you achieve optimal results. 

To learn more about PRP therapy or to schedule a consultation, call Anti-Aging Institute at 859-545-0430 or book your appointment online.

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