The Anti-aging Benefits of Yoga

Yoga's origins date back over 5,000 years, although a number of researchers think it might be 10,000 years old. According to statistics, nearly 16 million Americans practice yoga at least once monthly. Out of this, 72.2% are female.

If you're looking for an invigorating form of exercise that also acts as a stress-reliever, perhaps you should consider yoga, which offers numerous physical and psychological benefits.

September is National Yoga Month, a time to increase awareness of yoga's health benefits and inspire people to adopt healthy lifestyles. 

If you've always wanted to get back into shape, this is your chance to enroll at the Anti-Aging Institute — a wellness facility located in Lexington, Kentucky. Here's a list of antiaging benefits you can expect from yoga.

The Anti-aging benefits of yoga

Yoga provides a number of benefits to slow the aging process:

Body stability

Yoga enhances body balance, which is a significant element of the movement. As you age, your capacity to balance reduces, making you more susceptible to injuries and falls. When you practice regularly, yoga not only makes your body more stable but also strengthens your muscle control and muscles, flexibility, and body awareness.


Yoga is a type of stretching; this involves stretching your body's muscles and joints, making your body more extensible. It strengthens joints and muscles, and lengthens your spine, making it stronger while correcting your body posture.

When agility increases, your body becomes less vulnerable to injuries, and you can handle stress appropriately. Performing yoga stretches and poses frees the accumulated lactic acid in your muscles, alleviating soreness and enhancing contractility.

Body alertness

Body alertness becomes an important element of your daily life as you grow old. An active and alert body could save you from injuring yourself. After all, older people are usually more prone to muscle damage and different fractures due to falling or other causes. In addition to making your body fit, yoga makes your mind more responsive and active.

The different styles of yoga

Dr. Fadi Bacha and his team of accomplished professionals offer different yoga styles at the Anti-Aging Institute, where they maintain one of the most efficient antiaging programs. Some yoga styles include:

Yin yoga

The slow-paced yoga style with seated postures is excellent for beginners because it involves holding postures from 45 seconds to two minutes. Moreover, you can experience a sense of inner peace with this form of yoga. You'll find the classes relaxing because gravity is supposed to do most of the work.

Restorative yoga

This style focuses on relaxing after a long day. At the core, it centers on body relaxation, and you'll spend more time in fewer postures in the class. The style uses numerous props such as bolsters and blankets, which help you relax better. You'll also free and cleanse your mind with this style.

Ashtanga Ashtanga

This style of yoga allows you to link each motion to a breath. The rigorous style involves posing in a particular order, nonstop. This style involves a breathing technique that allows you to regulate your breath flow and center your mind while enhancing flexibility and strength.

Prenatal yoga

If you're a mom-to-be, this style is perfect because it seeks to improve your posture, strength, and breathing technique while easing pregnancy pain.  The exercise is a great way of staying in shape while you’re expecting.

Power yoga

With this style, you'll move from one pose to the next while using all body muscles. Simultaneously, you'll increase your calorie burn and metabolism.

If you're looking to restore your flexibility and youthful look, perhaps it's time you engaged in yoga at the Anti-Aging Institute, which uses the most advanced procedures, treatments, and cutting-edge technology. Don't miss an opportunity to enhance your fitness levels during this month of yoga awareness.

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