SculpSure: Body Contouring on Your Lunch Hour Without Any Downtime

If you’re tired of seeing those stubborn fat deposits around your belly and thighs, you can do something about it, even over your next lunch break.

At Anti-Aging Institute, SculpSure®, the innovative body contouring system, helps you eliminate stubborn fat for good, without an ounce of pain or any downtime. Stop letting your muffin top bring you down. With SculpSure body contouring treatments, we can help you get rid of your love handles forever.

The lowdown on SculpSure

SculpSure isn’t a substitute for a weight loss program. It’s designed to help you get rid of excess fat cells that you can’t lose through your regular diet and exercise. These fat deposits often come with aging and changes in your hormone levels, affecting men and women alike. Even with a healthy diet, your body keeps storing fat, making your clothing uncomfortable and influencing how you feel about your appearance.

The SculpSure technology targets fat cells using heated laser energy. The heat raises the temperature of your cells, destroying their structure and causing them to die off. Our treatment is very effective at slimming your figure and reducing stubborn fat deposits — all without harming surrounding skin and tissue.

Continued fat loss

Results with SculpSure aren’t immediate, but you will keep losing fat over several months after your treatment. It takes awhile for your body to metabolize the dead cells through your lymphatic system, a process that requires no additional medical treatment. Your body gets rid of fat naturally and over time, your waist and belly start to slim dramatically.

Once the treatment destroys the cells, they’re gone for good. As long as you maintain a good diet and exercise program, you won’t gain back the lost fat.

Time-saving procedure

SculpSure is a noninvasive procedure, and we do it in a comfortable office environment. Treatment takes less than an hour, and you can schedule your appointment at your convenience, even on your lunch hour.

Once treatment is over, you can return to your normal activities without pain. And, there are no restrictions on your activities after treatment. Go right back to work, school, or your family with no one the wiser.

In most cases, one treatment is all you need to see dramatic results. We customize a treatment plan to help you enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence. You’ll know what to expect ahead of your visit and can sit back and relax. SculpSure will do the work.

You can book your appointment several months in advance of big events, such as your next class reunion, your wedding, or your trip to the beach. You won’t have to worry about any scarring on your skin because SculpSure needs no incisions or surgery.

Learn more about the benefits of SculpSure or, if you’re ready, book your appointment online or by phone now to take advantage of our body sculpting services at Anti-Aging Institute.

Anti-Aging Institute

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