Resolve to Beat the Balding Battle This Year

Have you noticed a lot of hair coming out when you brush? If you’re a man, is your hairline moving backward from your temples and getting thinner? If you’re a woman who’s experiencing hair loss, you may keep your hairline around your forehead, but your hair thins all over. You also have a significant loss at your part, so there’s a bare spot running from the top of your head to the bottom. 

Both men and women who lose hair this way have androgenetic alopecia, or male/female pattern baldness; it just presents differently in women than in men. But it can be equally concerning to both genders. 

Most baldness is genetic 

Almost all baldness in men — 95% — is the result of androgenetic alopecia. Almost 25% of men begin to experience male pattern baldness before age 21. Women with the condition are luckier; hair loss usually doesn’t present until around menopause. It’s a genetic condition; if other close relatives had significant hair loss, you’re more likely to experience it as well. 

The psychological effects of hair loss

Hair loss, especially at an early age, can be very traumatic, causing a loss of self-confidence leading to anxiety and/or depression. That’s not surprising. No one wants to lose their hair. 

For thousands of years, most cultures have associated thick hair with good health. It’s also seen as an important asset in your attractiveness to the opposite sex; there’s a reason why it’s called your ‘“crowning glory.” Thick hair is associated with virility in men and with sensuality in women. 

Until recently, the options for reversing hair loss have been either using drugs or having painful surgery. All drugs have side effects, and one of the drugs for hair loss can cause sexual dysfunction in men

Platelet-rich plasma: a new treatment for hair loss

Board-certified Dr. Fadi Bacha with the Anti-Aging Institute uses a special formulation of your own blood, called platelet-rich plasma (PRP), to help regrow thinning hair. Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood. Platelets are special blood cells that help your body heal when it’s injured, and they move through the plasma. The platelets contain growth factors and many nutrients. 

Dr. Fadi’s nurse draws your blood just as if you were having a routine blood test. The blood is processed in a machine called a centrifuge, which helps separate the platelets into a concentrated mass of platelet-rich plasma. Dr. Fadi injects the PRP in the areas where your hair loss is occurring. 

Dr. Fadi repeats the process at six-week intervals for a period of six months and then evaluates the hair growth, repeating the process if necessary. The PRP stimulates hair growth and renews blood circulation of the hair follicles. 

Will platelet-rich plasma work for me?

PRP can help regrow hair lost to pattern baldness, which occurs in men and women. It’s most effective when the hair loss is beginning and when the hair follicles are still active, within about five years of noticeable hair loss. If you’re on blood thinners or if your hair loss has been caused by a medical condition like an autoimmune disorder, you’re likely not a good candidate.  

Research shows that PRP is a promising treatment for hair loss. Recent studies show 30% to 40% hair regrowth in areas where hair has thinned. 

Call the Anti-Aging Institute or book an appointment online for a consultation on how PRP can help restore your hair. 

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