How Cellulaze Can Help In the Fight Against Stubborn Cellulite

Cellulite. It’s one thing most people could live without for rest of their lives and never miss. It’s also the one physical feature that’s about as difficult to get rid of as ants at a summer picnic.

Here at the Anti-Aging Institute in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Fadi Bacha, a board-certified internist and medical aesthetics expert, believes in overcoming the seemingly impossible. That’s why he practices a philosophy of health and wellness from the inside out, and offers a technology that delivers the “impossible” results of reducing the appearance of cellulite in a single treatment. Dr. Bacha discusses how Cellulaze® can help the fight against stubborn cellulite.

Cellulite may not be your fault, but it could be your mother’s

Up to 90% of women get cellulite and it runs in families. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a mother or grandmother with cellulite, chances are you’ll have it soon, if you don’t already. Although cellulite usually gets worse with age, you can begin to develop that “hail-damaged” skin as early as your teenage years.

Thanks to genetics, good diet and exercise habits are often no match for those lovely little fat dimples that like to hang out on your thighs, buttocks, or belly. Akin to the texture of an orange peel, cellulite isn’t attractive when you’re on vacation at the beach, enjoying a swim in the neighborhood pool, or wearing shorts at one of the Lexington area summer festivals. Cellulite doesn’t seem to respond to any of your efforts to make it disappear.

The reason cellulite is so hard to eliminate is because it affects the fibrous connective tissue between your skin and your muscle. Fat lies between the skin and muscle, and as fat cells accumulate in your hips or thighs, as is common for women, the fat cells push upward against your skin. The long, connective tissue bands pull down at the same time the fat pushes up. This creates a dimpled effect on the surface of your skin.

Unfortunately, as you get older, your skin naturally loses some of its elasticity, making the cellulite even more visible.

Don’t give up the fight just yet

Even if your cellulite is stubborn, it’s still no match for the innovative technology of Cellulaze. Cellulaze is a breakthrough, minimally invasive cellulite treatment that offers long-term results after a single procedure.*

So don’t give up the fight against cellulite just yet. Cellulaze, by CynoSure® the leader in aesthetic technology, offers a real solution. And it’s no match for those cottage-cheese thighs.

The science of cellulite removal

Cellulaze works so well because it attacks the structure of the cellulite where it exists — below the surface of your skin. During the procedure, Dr. Bacha inserts a small tube, or cannula, about the size of a pen, under your skin in the treatment area. A laser fiber inside the cannula safely delivers thermal energy directly to the fat cells, while simultaneously increasing the thickness of your skin.

Cellulaze also releases the fibrous bands of connective tissue to help minimize the dimpled look of cellulite. The laser energy stimulates new collagen production to increase your skin’s elasticity over time, as well. In the last part of the treatment, Dr. Bacha gently applies pressure to the area to press out the fat cells that were liquified.

From start to finish, Cellulaze treatment typically takes 1 to 1-1/2 hours. As your body fully heals over the next 3-12 months, you’ll continue to see an improvement in the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze is clinically proven to help your skin become up to 25% thicker and 29% more elastic for a smoother overall appearance. With a healthy diet and exercise routine, you can enjoy smoother, more attractive thighs, buttocks, or belly, for a year or more.

Are you ready to win the fight against stubborn cellulite? Call our office to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary.

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