Banish Bat Wings With Smartlipo™

Developing increased body fat as you age is very common. And while the belly gets the most attention for adding undesirable pounds, arm fat is a concern for many people. Excess fat in the arms, aka arm flabbiness or “bat wings,” may derive from hormonal shifts, increased gravitational pull, and metabolic changes that come with aging. If you eat poorly or lead a sedentary lifestyle, the effects are far worse.

If your arms aren’t as firm or sleek as they used to be, and you’ve tried your best from a lifestyle standpoint, you could be a terrific candidate for Smartlipo. Here at the Anti-Aging Institute, we love offering this effective and minimally invasive treatment to people in and around Lexington, Kentucky. Here’s a guide to help you learn more about Smartlipo.

How Smartlipo works

Smartlipo pairs the suction benefits of traditional liposuction with laser therapy, which makes it gentler and potentially more effective. During treatment, the Smartlipo laser fiber is inserted into your arms at specific points through a very small tube. The fiber then ruptures fat cells, causing their destruction. After that, excess fat is carefully suctioned out of your arms.

Smartlipo can benefit your skin

When Smartlipo disrupts fat, it also coagulates blood vessels in the treatment area and stimulates your body’s natural collagen production. This has been shown to increase tightness and elasticity in the skin by 57%, minimizing sagging and dimpling in your arms.

You stay awake during Smartlipo treatment

Unlike other more invasive body contouring treatments, such as surgery, Smartlipo only requires local anesthesia. This means you’ll be awake throughout the procedure and won’t feel a thing. This also brings about a speedier recovery time.

Smartlipo results look natural and appear quickly

Within a week of your treatment, you’ll start noticing a slimmer arm silhouette. You won’t look as though you “had work done.” Rather, your arms will appear like your usual arms, only sleeker. And because Smartlipo requires no major incisions, any scars are barely noticeable.

Smartlipo results are permanent

Once fat cells in your arms are destroyed by Smartlipo, they never return. This makes the results not only long-lasting, but permanent. To make the most of your treatment, be sure to maintain your healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating a nutritious diet, exercising regularly, and prioritizing sufficient nightly sleep.

Smartlipo can help boost your confidence

Feeling more confident about your appearance is one of the biggest potential perks of Smartlipo treatment. Once your bat wings have become more slender, you may feel less self-conscious wearing tank tops, bathing suits, and t-shirts. You may also feel more comfortable working out in public or raising your arms around others. All of this can lead to not only improved exercise habits and confidence, but improved moods.

Smartlipo can help reduce fat in a variety of body areas in addition to your arms, including the:

If you have questions about Smartlipo or want to find out if you’re an ideal candidate, we hope to see you soon at Anti-Aging Institute. Just call the office or book online. Come to your appointment prepared to discuss your medical history, any concerns you have, and your treatment goals. We look forward to helping to create a physique you love.

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